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SD-WAN builds simple and intelligent network
SD-WAN is a virtual WAN architecture that can make traffic decisions in a centralized console and distribute broadband sources to the most critical sites regardless of the connection mode (including MPLS, LTE, and Internet) that your infrastructure uses.
Pacific Business Solutions was the first to pass the SD-WAN Ready2.0 certification. Through soft-defined network architecture, it brings you unprecedented flexibility and electrification.
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Leading technology for network security – Telstra PBS SD-WAN
Product advantages
  • Simple Network
    An easily configurable centralized console can simplify the management and safety matters of the mixed network to a great extent.
  • Rapid Deployment
    Plug-and-play, intelligent configuration, easy deployment of new site connections, and rapid adjustment of network control strategies.
  • Visualized Management
    Use the highly visualized real-time network performance report to optimize your network control strategies, so as to enjoy efficient business connection achievement.
  • Multiple Safety Security
    Adopt ultra-high security WAN infrastructure with network-wide encryption, high redundancy, and high reliability, and supports multi-line backup.
Application Scenarios
  • Rapid Deployment of Commercial Outlets
    Network construction in retail stores, chain stores, 4S shop, after-sales service institutions, store network coverage, and establishment of small and micro-financial institutions.
  • Enterprises’ Private Network Connection
    Exploration of business opportunities in second- and third-tier markets, as well as connectivity between headquarters and manufacturing plants outside of first-tier cities.
  • Temporary Mobile Network Establishment
    Conference communication, promotional activity sites, and the Internet of Vehicles featuring optimized performance.
The digital transformation expert right next to you.
Pacific Business Solutions is dedicated to providing innovative ICT solutions for global enterprises so as to help them achieve a seamless digital transformation.
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Solutions in Real Estate
Branch network interconnection promotes the project's standardized management. Multiple access modes support operation optimization.
Solutions in Real Estate
Solutions to the Financial Industry
Solutions in the New Retail Industry
Solutions in the Manufacturing Industry
Medical Industry
Solutions in Real Estate
The level of digitization of the real estate industry was originally low, but with the favorable policies and capital promotion of new infrastructure and smart cities, companies that fully accept the digital strategy will create more competitive projects to help them improve the asset value of their business and will have better growth prospects.

Under this trend, a digitalization that leaps bounds comes.
Solutions to the Financial Industry
As the users of financial enterprises are distributed widely, security and risk problems follow the complex network environment. The three key problems for the financial industry are the continuity and stability of business, the user's access experience, and the security of financial data.

Financial businesses rely more and more on information systems, and data is transmitted and utilized more frequently, which brings more severe challenges to data security.
Solutions in the New Retail Industry
As digital transformation has become a normal thing , more and more retail enterprises have a deep understanding of the reshaping power of new technology to the industry.

For retail enterprises, in the process of digitization and intellectualization, it is inevitable to plan and implement the basis for the realization of new retail, i.e., the "network", so as to realize network unity and real-time communication between headquarters and stores, and between stores and stores.
Solutions in the Manufacturing Industry
In the age of the industrial Internet, in order to gain a competitive advantage, more and more manufacturing enterprises have begun to emphasize digital transformation, the utilization of new technology to improve productivity and the strengthening of product innovation and management ability.

The head factory of the enterprise is located in China, while the research and development and promotion functions are located overseas. With the increase of system applications, the amount of data also surges. The key issues that need to be resolved are the interconnection between branches and the headquarters, and ensuring the safety and stability of data transmission.
Medical Industry
Medical institutions have been continuously integrated as part of the new medical reform. Many large hospitals have merged with numerous small and community hospitals. At the same time, the medical check-up chain groups that have emerged in recent years own a large number of branches.

Medical businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of networking. Furthermore, with the rapid growth of the business, there is a high demand for the flexibility and timeliness of network expansion and deployment.