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The yearly Telstra PBS VIP Customer appreciation event achieved full success in Shanghai Bund

“ Hundred years of prayer in the past life bring people to the same ferry boat in this life ” put forward by Mr. Li Yalin, the deputy general manager of Telstra PBS was the main idea as well as a true depiction of this activity. PBS(China) VIP Customer appreciation event kicked off as the lights along Pujiang River started shining. Customers enjoyed delicious food, and fun activities on top of the unique charm of Shanghai night scene.

During the event, Ms. Zhang Yuguang, the product director of Telstra PBS concluded our performance in 2019. In 2019, Telstra PBS focused on improving the customers’ network experience as always, enhanced the core backbone node capacity, and added more network solutions with higher quality. For example, the SD-WAN technology was combined to optimize the customers’ WAN. What is more, by introducing more cloud platform manufacturers, customers could access any public cloud via the same network.For the year 2020, we have more expectations and passion to expand our vision to the whole world, helping our customers develop aboard and realize the globalized deployment.

In 2019, we established an advanced partnership with HUAWEI, the world-leading SD-WAN solution provider. Not surprisingly, HUAWEI’s outstanding cloud solutions were also shared during the banquet. HUAWEI WAN Ecological Development Director Mr. Yan Zhe introduced us to their hardware to improve the SD-WAN solutions with a performance tis three times higher than the industry benchmark. Their solution can also assist customers to set up their internal intelligent network.

Mutual learning, adopt and expand the knowledge is another key idea of this event. It’s our honor to invite Mr. Yu Binggang, the infrastructure director of Information Department of SCE Group (founded in 1987, SCE Group has established its headquarters in Shanghai and the group is specialized in real estate development and providing comprehensive urban operation services), to share with us how PBS(China) successfully solved his urgent needs while establishing nationwide network. Other customers also expressed their satisfaction and shared their stories.

After the experience sharing link, let’s playback some fun pictures taken during the activity. There were delicious food, interesting games and prizes. Why not join us?