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Telstra Joins OCP Community, Accelerating the Application Innovation of Open Source Computing

TelstraJoins OCP Community, Accelerating the Application Innovation of OpenSource Computing

Recently, Telstra, anoutstanding ICT solution provider, officially joined the OCP Open ComputingProject, becoming a community member and embracing the open source ecosystem.Joining the OCP community is of great significance to Telstra PBS. We willcontinue to optimize the construction and layout of the data center, improvethe computing efficiency of data flow from the edge to the cloud, promoteinterconnection, and enhance data security for enterprises.

OCP, shortened from OpenCompute Project, waslaunched in 2011 by companies such as Facebook and is a non-profitcollaborative community dedicated to redesigning hardware technologies toeffectively support the growing demand for computing infrastructure. It followsopen source collaboration principles that focus on the design of shared datacenters and network solutions.


OCP’s collaborative environment is built on anetwork of hyperscale cloud data centers, which has been proven in the largesthigh-load service networks. In the era of 5G Internet of Everything, opensource collaboration can promote the development of information technologiessuch as AI, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and edge computing.Open source collaboration created a hardware revolution, bringing the opensource collaboration model beyond the data center. Edge computing nodes can bedeployed at various positions from the end of the backbone network to the usersite, fully utilizing the shared infrastructure such as communication machinerooms and core networks. Data security is not only at the concern ofindividuals and enterprises, but also to the stable development of society andeconomy. Enterprises should strengthen data protection and provide their ownability to resist risks.

Within more than ten years since Telstra hasbeen established, it has been focusing on the continuous innovation anddevelopment of Internet access, virtual private network, cloud services anddata centers, providing localized communication solutions for enterprisecustomers, where the data storage security that has attracted much attention isalso the focus of the communications industry in recent years. Telstra IDCsolution can provide a full range of data storage services. Through multiplephysical security defenses, 7x24x365 continuous uninterrupted monitoringservices, core data control and operation and maintenance team and otherservices, it builds a solid security management system and realizes both enterprisedata security and business. In the multi-scenario interconnection ofcloud-network integration, by realizing the interconnection between the datacenter and the private cloud and each public cloud, Telstra can guarantee a high-speedand stable data transmission.


Joining the OCP community, Telstra has seizedthe opportunity of open source and strengthened the collaboration of globaltechnologies in the fields of data center and solution construction. We willaccelerate the innovation of open source computing in the data center, and workwith more enterprise partners to break through the boundaries of traditionaldata centers, push it to the edge, and jointly participate in building an opensource data center ecosystem.

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