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Telstra PBS’s Dedicated Internet Access service (DIA) can provide customers with one-hop access to the operator’s Internet backbone and achieve low latency Internet access. Our line connection is stable with competitive service price. As a professional neutral network operator, we have the wide range of Internet service ability to provide multiple-operator outlets, and our product line is richer and our functions more complete.

Product Features

Dedicated Internet Access service (DIA) uses the Internet exit gateway router to provide the dedicated line access to Internet services for personnel at headquarters or branch offices. This Dedicated Internet Access service directly connects to the operator’s Internet backbone through Telstra PBS’s network. It’s a dedicated line with customer exclusive bandwidth, which can expand capacities on demand without reaching bandwidth bottlenecks, providing better customer experience.

  • DIA Economy

    It is positioned to cater startup users with the single operator outlet.
    Cost Saving and Stable Network

  • DIA Professional

    It is designed to meet the demands of medium and small enterprise users with multi-operator outlets.
    The outlet backup can guarantee the network’s high availability.

  • DIA Standard

    It is positioned to cater medium and high-end users with multi-operator dynamic BGP.
    It can guarantee the low-latency experience and achieve network stabilization and high efficiency.

  • Advantages
    • High-performance hardware platform equipment

      A certain degree of fault tolerance
      Mature equipment from world’s first-tier manufacturers are adopted.
    • Modular Design

      Facilitate subsequent flexible and rapid upgrade and deployment.
    • Neutral Operators

      A number of operator resources are stationed with
      “multi-line” BGP bandwidth resources.
    • Customized Service

      Customized transformation can be provided according to the customer’s needs.
      Differentiated services can be provided according to the customer’s needs.
    Active Monitoring Service

    Telstra PBS pays a lot of attention to customer service experience. Our active monitoring system can monitor the service used by customers in real time. Once any anomalies are detected, our after-sales service team will actively contact the customer to confirm the situation and solve the problem as soon as possible to ensure quality of service.