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Industry Background
In the age of the industrial Internet, in order to gain a competitive advantage, more and more manufacturing enterprises have begun to emphasize digital transformation, the utilization of new technology to improve productivity and the strengthening of product innovation and management ability.

The head factory of the enterprise is located in China, while the research and development and promotion functions are located overseas. With the increase of system applications, the amount of data also surges. The key issues that need to be resolved are the interconnection between branches and the headquarters, and ensuring the safety and stability of data transmission.
Industry Pain Point
Transmitting large amounts of data on the Internet is time-consuming and expensive. A network with low latency and high availability is required to achieve a more consistent network experience.
A huge challenge would be to quickly and securely upload customers' applications and important data onto the cloud.
  • Cross-Domain Networking
    Complex Multi-branch network
  • Business Priority Guarantee
    Non-key Application Takes Up Bandwidth
  • Low Latency and High Reliability
    Require Timely and Efficient Data Transmission
  • Meet the Demands of Cloud Migration
    High Demand for Network During Digital Times
Regarding the industry's requirements for building a multi-scenario network structure:
Build dedicated cross-domain line for the enterprise to achieve efficient and high-quality transmission
MPLS dedicated connection for efficient data interconnection between R&D, production bases, and the headquarters data center;
Intelligent QoS allocation and dynamic adjustment of business flow QoS to ensure efficient and high-quality transmission of critical applications;
Low latency and high reliability to meet the network requirements of key application systems of manufacturing enterprises.
Smooth migration to the cloud for speeding up and improving efficiency, so as to create higher production value.
Redundant protection measures are taken for equipment, lines, and routes, and the network reliability reaches 99.99%. Information security is protected through tunnel technology, encryption, and authentication technology;
Provide customers with a highly competitive SLA service guarantee with reliable and stable construction to achieve efficient exchange.
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