Solutions in the New Retail Industry
Ensure users' business continuity and meet the digital transformation
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Industry Background
As digital transformation has become a normal thing , more and more retail enterprises have a deep understanding of the reshaping power of new technology to the industry.

For retail enterprises, in the process of digitization and intellectualization, it is inevitable to plan and implement the basis for the realization of new retail, i.e., the "network", so as to realize network unity and real-time communication between headquarters and stores, and between stores and stores.
Industry Pain Point
The market's expansion at home and abroad is speeding up, the branch shops are expanding, and multiple applications bring a surge in traffic, which leads to a high dependence on the network.
The networking environment is complex with the lack of unified management. The operation and maintenance process is troublesome. Threats such as high cost and data security appear.
  • Rapid Deployment
    Need to satisfy multi-branch network access
  • Visualized Operation & Maintenance
    Unified network management is difficult
  • Intellegent Link Choosing
    Multi-link network access is complex
  • Multi-type Line Redundancy Protection
    Troubleshooting is difficult
Regarding the industry's demand for stable and convenient IT construction:
Multiple guarantees and one-stop deployment to create a quality service experience.
Implement line optimization strategy and flow control according to business features to guarantee the QoS;
Support backup between multiple lines to bring high redundancy and reliability,.
Rapid business delivery at home and abroad, resulting in cost reduction and efficiency improvement in enterprise's interconnectivity
Rapid network deployment and opening of business outlets that covers the whole country within a few weeks;
Plug-and-play, get rid of complex settings on the device side, and visualize network platform deployment and management.
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