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Branch network interconnection promotes the project's standardized management. Multiple access modes support operation optimization.
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Industry Background
The level of digitization of the real estate industry was originally low, but with the favorable policies and capital promotion of new infrastructure and smart cities, companies that fully accept the digital strategy will create more competitive projects to help them improve the asset value of their business and will have better growth prospects.

Under this trend, a digitalization that leaps bounds comes.
Industry Pain Point
With the rapid development of the real estate industry, more and more network applications need to be based on a stable and reliable network.
In order to improve the efficiency and shorten the whole decision-making cycle of the company, the company HQ also needs to expand relevant business systems to the on-site branches all over the world. Real estate companies desire an efficient and flexible networking method.
  • Unified management
    Demand of centralized management of multi branches
  • Branch interconnection
    Demand of data real-time monitoring
  • Flexible network structure
    Multi application complex network environment
  • Quality transmission channel
    Daily data transmission of branches is frequent
Regarding the problems of data transmission and network architecture faced by the industry:
Quickly actualize the connectivity between branches to improve the working efficiency
Basic network and management services provide good network support for a variety of business and application types;
For multiple services and application types required by customers, a QoS mechanism is adopted regarding the business features to carry out line optimization strategy and traffic control.
Multiple access methods to ensure flexible business scalability
Provide multiple access modes like MPLS, SD-WAN, SSL, etc; to build a flexible network structure to be selected on need by business branches in different locations; The network is stable and reliable, and the management is delivered as a service to eliminate management cost increases for users.
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