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Industry Background
As the users of financial enterprises are distributed widely, security and risk problems follow the complex network environment. The three key problems for the financial industry are the continuity and stability of business, the user's access experience, and the security of financial data.

Financial businesses rely more and more on information systems, and data is transmitted and utilized more frequently, which brings more severe challenges to data security.
Industry Pain Point
Financial companies need big data to support their business development, and the multi-level network architecture of backbone + access has formed to support their business.
With the high centralization of financial services and the gradual flattening of business processes and management, enterprises are increasingly dependent on the service delivery capacity of both the data centers and the HQ.
In order to meet these actual business needs, a reliable, safe, efficient, and flexible financial business delivery network is necessary for enterprises, and information technology should be used to enhance business competitiveness.
  • Policy Requirement
    Data safety/Anti-disaster backup
  • Security Compliance
    Meet regulatory compliance needs
  • Data Saving
    Neet big storage
  • Safe Transmission
    Big difference in network environment
Regarding the problems of data transmission and network architecture faced by the industry:
Provide customized services and build a secure financial defense line
Set up an enclosure inside the module and provide round-the-clock uninterrupted security service to ensure the privacy and security of the racks;
Build three anti-disaster backup centers in two places to ensure data safety.
Achieve Rapid Cross-region Connectivity and Improve the Quality of Financial Services
According to the data center, access needs of customers' branches require deployment of both primary and standby VPNs with large bandwidth for branch links, which can be connected to the nearby PBS MPLS backbone network;
Access to third-party business institutions such as industry regulatory authorities and banking institutions adopts data special line access and provides client network and equipment hosting services.
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