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  • EPN One-stop service platform
    Pacific Business Solution (China)  EPN is a private network service based on SDN network technology that provides point-to-point and multi-point interconnection for domestic and foreign customers, . Through the EPN one-stop service management platform, customers can achieve quick deployment, activation and management of network resources with a single click.
    The EPN backbone network has achieved NNI direct connection with the IPVPN backbone network. Customers have the option of combinig  two networks serviced by L2 VPN/L3 VPN.
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    EPN Mmanagement Platform

    Intelligent network resource deployment. Self-service provisioning in seconds.Clear product status. Real-time link traffic statistics. Multi-dimensional user information.

    Product Feature
    • Single Portal
      Users can connect to multiple data centers in different loactions  through a portal. Also, the company can manage customer orders, activate the account, bill consistently, provide on-demand services, and manage the account, based on the automatic network and BOSS system provided by SDN technology.
    • Automated and rapid deployment and provisioning
      Customers can deploy new applications and services anytime and  from any location through the on-demand connectivity model in the platform
    • Ultra Scalability
      Users can choose to expand connections with a single click at any time, achieving 10G network bandwidth capacity to meet your needs in the new area, capturing new growth.
    • Security Data
      Protect your critical data with a carrier-grade global private network of next generation.
    • Cost reduction and efficiency improvement
      Based on  users' need for large bandwidth, EPN has a significant price advantage. The larger the bandwidth, the clearer the price advantage. It has the potential to  improve network performance while decreasing  latency.
    • Globally
      Thanks to the global network resources of our partners, we provide you the opportunity to over 2000 PoP  around the world, as well as many mainstream public cloud platforms
    • Flexible Billing of Bandwidth
      It has  emergency bandwidth billing feature (Nine-five billing) that is optional. It is billed based on a time and period basis, which is primarily used to meet customers' emergency data needs.
    • Bandwidth Timer
      Customers can use  the bandwidth timer function,to reserve the bandwidth of the product for a specific period of time in a regular mode or a fixed mode.
    Application Scenarios
    • Scenario 1: Data Center Interconnection

      · DC to DC:Connect customer racks between two or more data center equipment in a co-located data center complex

      · End to End:End-to-end refers to the last mile of a journey . We provide a one-stop service to ensure effective service and monitoring for customers

    • Scenario 2: L2VPN+L3VPN Hybrid Networking

      · PVPN PoP或EPN PoP NNI connects the IPVPN backbone network and the EPN backbone network. Customers can choose between IPVPN PoP and EPN PoP depending on their needs.

      · L2 VPN and L3 VPN can both be supported by the hybrid network. Customers can make their selection based on their business requirements.

    • Scenario 3: Auto-Mesh EPN

      · Multi-point resource pool: An EPN network can support multi-point interconnection in addition to point-to-point connections.

      · Intelligent Bandwidth Redistribution: Resource pools can be ordered for the maximum total subscription bandwidth, which can then be automatically distributed across all EPN links based on link utilization.

      · Increase SLA and cut costs by allowing excess bandwidth to be relocated and reused whenever and wherever it is needed, thereby increasing EPN link utilization.

    • Scenario 4: Cloud Gateway

      · Helps you with your cloud computing: Cloud Connect connects you to the world's leading cloud service providers in a convenient and cost-effective manner.

      · Connectivity with high security: By utilizing a dependable private network, you can securely extend your WAN into interconnected cloud nodes.

      · Improved cloud service experience: You can adjust bandwidth up and down to meet business requirements, which synchronizes with the bandwidth of cloud resources.

    The digital transformation expert right next to you.
    Pacific Business Solutions is dedicated to providing innovative ICT solutions for global enterprises so as to help them achieve a seamless digital transformation.
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    Solutions in Real Estate
    Branch network interconnection promotes the project's standardized management. Multiple access modes support operation optimization.
    Solutions in Real Estate
    Solutions to the Financial Industry
    Solutions in the New Retail Industry
    Solutions in the Manufacturing Industry
    Medical Industry
    Solutions in Real Estate
    The level of digitization of the real estate industry was originally low, but with the favorable policies and capital promotion of new infrastructure and smart cities, companies that fully accept the digital strategy will create more competitive projects to help them improve the asset value of their business and will have better growth prospects.

    Under this trend, a digitalization that leaps bounds comes.
    Solutions to the Financial Industry
    As the users of financial enterprises are distributed widely, security and risk problems follow the complex network environment. The three key problems for the financial industry are the continuity and stability of business, the user's access experience, and the security of financial data.

    Financial businesses rely more and more on information systems, and data is transmitted and utilized more frequently, which brings more severe challenges to data security.
    Solutions in the New Retail Industry
    As digital transformation has become a normal thing , more and more retail enterprises have a deep understanding of the reshaping power of new technology to the industry.

    For retail enterprises, in the process of digitization and intellectualization, it is inevitable to plan and implement the basis for the realization of new retail, i.e., the "network", so as to realize network unity and real-time communication between headquarters and stores, and between stores and stores.
    Solutions in the Manufacturing Industry
    In the age of the industrial Internet, in order to gain a competitive advantage, more and more manufacturing enterprises have begun to emphasize digital transformation, the utilization of new technology to improve productivity and the strengthening of product innovation and management ability.

    The head factory of the enterprise is located in China, while the research and development and promotion functions are located overseas. With the increase of system applications, the amount of data also surges. The key issues that need to be resolved are the interconnection between branches and the headquarters, and ensuring the safety and stability of data transmission.
    Medical Industry
    Medical institutions have been continuously integrated as part of the new medical reform. Many large hospitals have merged with numerous small and community hospitals. At the same time, the medical check-up chain groups that have emerged in recent years own a large number of branches.

    Medical businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of networking. Furthermore, with the rapid growth of the business, there is a high demand for the flexibility and timeliness of network expansion and deployment.