Medical Industry
Realization of data orderly flow, data rational utilization and data safe sharing during the period of Internet+.
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Industrial Background Information
Medical institutions have been continuously integrated as part of the new medical reform. Many large hospitals have merged with numerous small and community hospitals. At the same time, the medical check-up chain groups that have emerged in recent years own a large number of branches.

Medical businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of networking. Furthermore, with the rapid growth of the business, there is a high demand for the flexibility and timeliness of network expansion and deployment.
Industry Pain Point
As the number of branches grows, so does the need for stable and secure data transmission with the headquarters.
A large number of mobile personnel are present. As a result, employees must access data information outside of the company, contributing to the high demand for a mobile office.
Multinational pharmaceutical companies require quick and consistent access to SaaS applications deployed in other countries.
  • Network Security
    Encrypt tunnels to improve network security
  • Overall Reliability
    Unify network management, control as well as scheduling
  • Flexible Network Structure
    Cope with complex network environment of  multi-application
  • Budget Cost Controlling
    Optimize the connection method and save costs
The problems of data transmission and network architecture faced by the medical industry
Flexible one-click deployment, Secure networking.
The SD-WAN platform provides the benefits of one-click deployment and simple networking. Through flexible configuration in self-service mode, users can enjoy exclusive WAN access services. It is simple to realize the connection between branches and headquarters.
Multiple access methods, Budget cost control
The intelligent routing SD-WAN technology integrates multiple access methods such as MPLS/LTE/INTERNET, which can meet the needs of customers not only in terms of budget but also in terms of fast and secure networking.
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