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Telstra PBS’ Shanghai data centre(SHCS1) located in Shanghai’s Pudong district within easy access from the city’s airports and Midtown, is one of the leading data centres in China, whose construction compliant with International Tier 3+ Data Centre standards, providing high-quality services to customers across industries. The total space of data centre is over 33,945 square metres. It has more than 1,000 racks and is equipped with power, environmental control and connectivity facilities that are among the best in class for uninterrupted operations. For additional peace of mind, the Data Centre has robust fire protection and security systems, and offers round-the-clock customer service as well as remote-hands support.

  • Address:Located at Fangchun Road, Pudong, Shanghai, about 10km from Midtown.
  • By car:Less than 30 mins driving from Pudong Airport or Hongqiao Airport.
  • By metro:Accessible by Metro Station, Guanglan Road
Product Feature
Product Feature
  • Level-3 protection is adopted when accessing

  • Biometric identification and card swiping access control

  • CCTV monitoring

  • Routine and regular inspection of equipment in server rooms

  • 24*7*365 security guard

HVAC and Fire Protection System

  • 5 York frequency-conversion chillers, each with capacity up to 850 RT; adopting the square-type deployment

  • Dual multiple cold-water risers and cold storage tanks to provide the backup cold source

  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) System

  • Use the water spray to extinguish fire in the public area in the data module

Electricity Supply

  • 2-circuit mains supply with a total of 38MVA; supports the online maintenance

  • UPS can support the server room running at full load for 15 minutes

  • Diesel generator 2+1 configuration; start in 3 seconds and delivers stable output in 1 minute

  • Diesel reserve supports full capacity generation for 12 hours; uninterrupted diesel supply

Rich Network Resources

  • Many years of experience in ISP operation

  • 50 nodes in 39 cities in China, with a wide network coverage

  • Deep cooperations with five major operators to provide backbone direct connection bandwidth

  • High-quality BGP bandwidth with own IP address

  • International High-Standard Hardware

    Premium international brand, Tier 3+ standard
    Premium international brand, Tier 3+ standard
  • Diversified Needs

    High-power modular design
    Customized service
  • High-quality Bandwidth

    High-quality multi-line BGP bandwidth resources
    Directly connected to the backbone of the operator with loop protection
  • Professional and Mature Operating System

    Professional operation and maintenance team, 7*24 standard operation and maintenance service
    Provide multilingual support
Service and Commitment
Customized service
  • Basic operation and maintenance service
  • Site/station service
  • Visual network management system
  • Active response
Remote Support Service
  • 7/24 remote assistance service
  • Basic services include: device restart, inspection of indicator lights in the cabinet, tape replacement, insertion and removal of USB devices optical discs, network cables etc.
  • Advanced services include: the arrangement of lines in the cabinet, the loading and unloading of devices in the cabinet, software system configuration, hardware or software checking through login, application software media placement and software installation, and line marking in the cabinet etc.
Public Facilities
  • Provide sufficient space for device installation and configuration
  • Provide Internet access for customers’ work/conference area