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Partner with industry leading SD-WAN equipment providers such as VMware(Velocloud) and Huawei, Telstra PBS integrates excellent hardware equipment technology with our abundant backbone resources and networks (Virtual Private Network Internet and mobile network) to provide customers with flexible and reliable end-to-end network connectivity services

Product Features

Build intelligent and simple network, optimize network performance

Fast Deployment Smart Configuration Visual Management Multiple security guarantee

*Internet service is domestic only

Product Advantages and Scenarios

Network challenge

  • The network deployment efficiency is low, and the waiting time for activation is around 1-3 months
  • Invisible commercial traffic and higher operation and maintenance management costs
  • Unreasonable distribution of multiple lines and low use of backup lines result in the waste of resources
  • As the on-site installation and commissioning personnel must meet high technical requirements, labor costs will also increase.
  • Bandwidth sharing, high packet loss, large jitter, and poor critical business experience

Solution’s Advantages

  • Fast network deployment without long-time waiting; business outlets will be available in a few weeks to cover the whole country.
  • Qualityexperience; the error correction technology is applied to provide a goodaudiovisual experience on packet loss lines
  • Application identification; line selection strategies and traffic control can be performed according to business characteristics to guarantee the QoS
  • High redundancy and high reliability; support the multi-line backup, wireless backup, and gateway backup to guarantee the business continuity
  • Mobile office supports 4G LTE wireless; the built-in WIFI can meet a variety of communication needs in field operations and mobile environments

Application Scenarios

  • Rapid deployment of commercial outlets, remote teaching for training institutions, retail chains, 4S shops, after-sales service institutions, store network coverage, and establishment of small and micro financial institutions

  • The enterprises’ private network interconnection, the exploration of business opportunities in the second- and third-tier markets, and connection between HQ and manufacturing factories out of first-tier cities.
  • Temporary mobile network establishment, conference communication, promotional activity sites, and Internet of Vehicles featuring optimized performance
Scenario Case


  • Full business coverage across China
  • High costs of network construction and O&M fee
  • Lack of IT personnel and technical capabilities
  • Complex network construction between hybrid clouds and branches
  • High network requirements, video applications occupy the main bandwidth capacity


  • Branch and headquarters realize full-mesh, hub-spoken multiple interconnections
  • Unified management of 150+ outlets, one-stop implementation of deployment, opening, operation and maintenance
  • Deploying virtual nodes on the clouds to realize hybrid network connection
  • Overseasbranches can be interconnected through Telstra private network


  • Quick deployment: development efficiency improved by 30%
  • Network operation and monitoring, 24/7 service assurance system
  • Visualization and site deployment on multiple cloudsIntelligent traffic steering and optimized functions
  • ensuring application quality and optimized bandwidth to reduce network construction costs