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Relying on our nationwide POPs and global 2000+ POPs which was integrated with partner resources, Telstra PBS can provide customers with virtual private network services in low latency, high security and high stability, helping customers connect its headquarters, branches, data centres, public cloud and private cloud closely, ensuring the efficient operation of ERP and other internal systems in the enterprise. Our VPN adopts flexible traffic processing mechanism to ensure the priority output of enterprise high-priority services (voice and video) and guarantee the inter-enterprise communication connectivity.

Product Features

Rich Network Resources

50 PoPs in 39 cities across the country
2000+ PoPs in the worldwide (integration of partner resources)

High reliability and safety

Redundant protection measures are provided for the equipment, lines and routes, and the network reliability reaches 99.99%.
Protect information security through tunneling encryption and authentication technology

Provide IPv6 service

Supporting the IPv4 and IPv6 dual-line protocol in the same IP private network.

Low latency and low packet loss rate

Network availability: PoP to PoP Network availability is 99.99%, provides an optional 99.90% Site to Site network availability.
Low jitter: voice clear and video smooth without lagPacket transmission success rate: not less than 99.5%

High flexibility and scalability

The network is with full mesh and the bottom network backbone can automatically deal with faults and intelligently cut into other redundant path when any line interruption happens. The bandwidth can be elastic expanded, and accommodated a large number of VPN tenants.

  • VoIP/ E-mail System

    VoIP/E-mail system can also be deployed on VPN
    or it is reliable and efficient. By leveraging VoIP system and VPN

    customer can save their expenditure on telephone call.

  • ERP System

    ERP system requires to be deployed on the network with high security, which VPN can satisfied.

  • Video Conference

    VPN can also be used for video conference
    which reduces the cost and enhances work efficiency

  • Data

    Last but not the least
    VPN is also suitable for normal data transmission.

Customer Service

Advanced traffic monitoring system is an intelligent network monitoring platform provided by Telstra PBS, which lets customers monitor network traffic through WEB interface in real time. The MPLS VPN visualised monitoring platform is continually upgraded to provide better services to customers.

Telstra PBS pays a lot of attention to customer service experience. Our active monitoring system can monitor the service used by customers in real time. Once any anomalies are detected, our after-sales service team will actively contact the customer to confirm the situation and solve the problem as soon as possible to ensure quality of service.