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Together We Work and Create Brilliance. Telstra Debuts on Anmeng Security 2021 Annual Ceremony

Together We Work and Create Brilliance. Telstra Debuts on Anmeng Security 2021 Annual Ceremony

On January 8th, the2021 Annual Customer Return Ceremony with the theme of “Building Dream withAnmeng and you” sponsored by Anmeng Security ended successfully in Nanshan,Shenzhen. A total of more than 100 elites in IT industry were invited to gatherhere. Telstra was also invited.

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The security and connection ofInternet information technology has become a hotspot of this event. With thecontinuously enhancing informatization network security awareness, it is verynecessary for enterprises to establish a new generation of security protectionsystems and strengthen their own cloud network security constructioncapabilities. Ensuring business security has become one of the important tasksfor enterprises.

Smart Interconnection leadsthe future.

Five major resource highlightsof Telstra in this conference: cloud-network integration, green and low-carbon,wide network coverage, safe and efficient data center, professional operationand maintenance team to provide security support, 7*24*365 uninterruptedcustomer service. All of which brings customers more new choices ofhigh-quality communication solutions.

The access of Telstra’s usershas passed Portal.802.1X security certifications, etc., and the networkcoverage can meet the current and future upgraded network connection demands ofthe enterprises. It can provide customers with industry-competitive network SLAservices, and promises to provide stable and reliable services, as well as visibleand controllable secured operating environment, so that the customers couldenjoy high-quality and reliable network services. We are your trustedcommunication solution provider.

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