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Together We Fight against the COVID-19, Network Experts Help Enterprises Work Remotely

Together We Fight against the COVID-19, Network Experts Help Enterprises Work Remotely

May all of ussafe! At present, to fight against the covid, many enterprises have activelyadopted work from home policy to insist on operating following the state’s propose.Telstra feels the same way. As network experts, we hope that our professional products and services can helpenterprises toovercome adverseeffects and make their office network accessible anytime, anywhere.

In order to helpnew coming and old customers to the greatest extent possible, Telstra speciallymobilized relevant network resources, developed a “Remote office solution” thatsupports rapid deployment. We also decided to provide this service toenterprises in need for free during the event. Let us join hands to fight the pandemic,help enterprises to resume work actively, give full play to our respectiveexpertise, promote the development of all industries with the sense of social responsibility.

Telstra’s “RemoteOffice Solution Free Trial Event” is officially launched! Please refer to thedetails below, and call our service hotline or contact your dedicated customerservice manager now to get a customized remote office solution for you and obtain the freetrial.

1. Event Period

March 25, 2022 –June 30, 2022

2. Event Content

Based on the features of home office,mobile office and remote office adopted by many enterprises, Telstra hasdeveloped a “remote office solution” that supports rapid deployment. Users canuse PC/mobile phone software accounts or small access terminals to access thecompany’s office intranet through the Internet, and it can be activated within24 hours at the fastest.

The “RemoteOffice Solution” launched this time is equipped with many specificinterconnection scenarios. We will design a customized solution for youaccording to the needs and conditions of your enterprise, which can coverexisting network users and new users, and can also realize the interconnectionwith remote resources such as public cloud, data centers, etc. During theevent, the above solutions will be provided to enterprises for free experience,please apply now to get the experience access.

3. TelstraPlan’s Strengths

Telstra hasexcellent network technology capabilities and many years of professionalservice experience; 2000+ rich PoP backbone network resources and networklinks, providing unimpeded business interconnection. Telstra’s backbone networkhas achieved NNI direct connection with mainstream public cloud data centers,enabling rapid and efficient interconnection; cloud consulting services, customizedand efficient public cloud/private cloud service solutions; security: encryptedtunnel; high performance: large-capacity backbone network; flexible andconvenient to use, supports a variety of terminals and operating systems;provide multilingual customer service & network operation center (NOC),7*24 uninterrupted network service.

4. ApplicationMethod

Please contactyour exclusive manager, send your demands to, call thehotline 400-700-2800, and a dedicated person will contact you for your services.

If you areinterested in the above telecommuting solutions and wish to apply them to yourenterprise, please click the link below to fill in the survey form (or long press the image below toidentify the QR code to fill in), so that we can provide more detailed andprofessional solution and services designed for your needs, thank you for yoursupport!

(Long press toidentify the QR code to fill in)

* Telstra remainsthe final interpretation right of this event.

The preventionand control of pandemic is becoming more and more normalized, and telecommutinghas become a new hybrid office model. Using Telstra’s solution services is notlimited by space and location, bringing convenience to enterprises andpromoting efficient office work. The pandemic is far from over but we stay connected. With thegradual control of the pandemic, all of us would resume work and normal life. Telstra sincerelywishes everyone safe, and all things are with infinite vitality and updated.

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