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Fighting the Covid Together, Telstra Devotes to Maintain the Secure and Stable Operation of the Data Center

Fighting the Covid Together, Telstra Devotes toMaintain the Secure and Stable Operation of the Data Center

Recently, the Covid situationhas been spreading out across the country, and the situation of fighting theCovid is severe. Affected by the continuous outbreak of the pandemic, manyplaces adopt isolation measures following the government call. The normal communicatingof IT personnel in enterprises and data centers led to an increase in thedifficulty of operation and maintenance. Also at this time, the traffic ofInternet office data and access increased suddenly, and the demand for cloudservices rising, so as the demand for data center cabinet and business volume.

When facing the crisis and opportunity,higher demands have also been put forward for the operation and maintenancecapabilities and stability of data centers. Telstra PBS Tianjin Data Center(TJCS1) carried out several pandemic prevention measures at the beginning ofthe year. It has strictly deployed the security line to ensure the smoothdevelopment of enterprise customer business, which was unanimously appraised.

1. 7x24 hours to ensure stableoperation

As a self-operated Tier3+standard data center that professionally used for hosting services, it hasalways been providing large-scale, high-quality, safe, reliable andprofessional server hosting, space rental, network bandwidth and other servicesfor various types of enterprises. It can meet the cost, capacity, routing,protection and service level requirements (SLA) of different customers. It alsohas network division with high security level guarantee the real-time andstability of customer services.

As of March 4, 2022, themonitoring system of Telstra Tianjin Wuqing Data Center has been runningsmoothly for 2545 days. During the pandemic period, centralized monitoring andmanagement are fully guaranteed. The response speed is guaranteed in terms of technology,personnel, services, etc., and remote assistance and fault diagnosis andsolutions are also provided. Other high-quality services such as comprehensivenetwork cabling services, cloud access & network consulting services,bilingual project management, etc. Telstra will spare no effort to maintain thesmooth operation of the data center and the core business development of ourcustomers from being affected.

(Failure maintenance & timely repair)

2. Assist on-site customersand protect their safety

At the beginning of theoutbreak, the Tianjin Data Center initiated the first-level response measures:personnel protection was the core of Covid prevention during the special period,and security control and standardized disinfection were strengthened. At thesame time, the data center provides on-site customers with lounges and solve theiraccommodation and communication issues due to the impact of the pandemic.

3. Troubleshooting and countermeasures

During the pandemic, thenetwork operation and maintenance engineer of Telstra’s Tianjin data center hasassisted local government agency many times overnight to troubleshoot equipmentfailures in the medical and health system, and solved issues such as jumpers,which ensured smooth communication and big data security under the pandemic.

It is especially crucial forthe data center to take timely and effective measures under emergencies. As anICT service provider with many years of experience in ISP operation, Telstraoperates multiple data centers in China and has successfully served hundreds ofenterprise customers. It has 7x24x365 days of instant response and high-qualityservices and disaster recovery solutions.

Opportunities and challengescoexist in the development of data centers in special times. Telstra willcontinue to improve services, provide fast and reliable service experience, enhancethe operation and maintenance capabilities in response to emergencies, supportmore collaborative scenarios, and facilitate the digital development ofenterprises.

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