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Telstra PBS Obtains ISO 20000 Certification, Bringing Higher Quality Services to You

After relentless efforts, Telstra PBS has successfully obtained the ISO 20000 certification! This is an important milestone in the history of Telstra PBS's development, as well as a recognition of our high-quality service standards and commitment to customer experience.


ISO 20000 is a global standard for information technology service management, aimed at ensuring high quality and consistency in the management processes of information technology services. Meanwhile, Telstra PBS's self-operated data center in Tianjin has also passed this certification, which covers all aspects of the information technology service management system provided by the data center, including service strategy, design, transition, delivery, and support.

Obtaining the ISO 20000 certification means that Telstra PBS's data center has passed a strict quality and consistency review, which is a high recognition of our service quality by customers. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality and reliable services, and the ISO 20000 certification proves our outstanding ability and commitment in information technology service management. At the same time, this certification also demonstrates that our information technology service management has reached international standards, and we are able to provide customers with higher quality and higher standard services. Customers can trust us more and feel more at ease in entrusting us.

Telstra PBS's ISO 20000 certification will bring you:

1. Higher service quality - Efficient IT service management system: To ensure that service quality always meets international standards. This means that the service process will follow the ISO 20000 standard, and customers will benefit from higher quality services.

2. Better service consistency - Standard service management process: To ensure that services can provide consistent quality levels at different times and locations.

3. Better risk management - Comprehensive risk management system: To ensure that potential risks can be identified and handled in a timely manner, and that customers' business processes will not be interrupted or affected.

4. Better service transparency - Comprehensive service reports and performance indicators: To ensure that customers understand our service quality and performance. This will ensure that customers always have a clear understanding of the services provided by Pacific Telecom.

Telstra PBS care user experience. This ISO 20000 certification is also our commitment to you. We will strictly follow international standards to provide you with higher quality and better services!
[1] The full name of ISO 20000 is "ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018", and its English acronym is ITSMS (Information technology — Service management system).
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