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Telstra PBS and Fortinet team up again to promote a “cloud, network, and security”on a national tour

Telstra PBS and Fortinet team up again to promote a “cloud, network, and security”on a national tour

Cloud, Network and Security Convergence

On May 11, Fortinet's annual networking event and national tour Fortinet Accelerate 2023 were held in Chengdu and Dongguan at the same time, starting a national security tour with the theme of "Experience a Secure Future".

As Fortinet's best ISP partner and SASE product co-strategic partner, Telstra PBS participated in this event to kick off cloud, network, and security convergence technology in China in 2023!

Security and agility have always been topics for enterprises when discussing global digital transformation. According to Gartner, 55% of the enterprises surveyed will increase their investment spending on network and security in China market in 2023, a percentage that is 9% higher than in 2022, the rapid development of enterprise digital business, how to be agile to ensure the efficiency and security of digital, which has become a bottleneck that hinders the digital development of Chinese enterprises. More and more applications, data, and workloads are in cloud data centers and infrastructure-as-a-service platforms. This means that enterprise IT organizations need to rethink how they plan their networks and how they protect their users and resources.

The convergence of cloud, network, and security is no longer a problem that can be solved by a single vendor. The organic combination of better technology and better resources and ecological cooperation has become an effective way of thinking for enterprise customers facing the digital transformation of enterprises. In April 2023, Fortinet as a global security service leader with Telstra PBS as a global cloud network service provider, jointly launched SASE Security, a cloud, network, and security convergence product, to cooperate in the field of cloud, network, and security convergence and jointly create a securely accessible digital world for enterprise customers.

From left to right:

Telstra PBS – Lilian Zhang - Senior Director, Corporate Strategy Development and Telstra PBS – CT Yan, CEO;  Fortinet China - Li Hongkai, General Manager, and Fortinet North Asia - Wang Na, Director of Marketing and Eco-Strategic Partnership

At the 2023 National Tour, Telstra PBS will join hands with Fortinet to promote joint products to enterprises and conduct in-depth exchanges with IT leaders in many cities based on SASE security scenarios and real-world cases.

SASE is a cloud, network, and security with anytime, anywhere service, providing application-as-a-service, network-as-a-service, security-as-a-service, and flexible edge access, which can provide secure Internet access (terminal security), SaaS access security (application security), WAN security networking (data security), hybrid cloud networking application (network security) and other scenarios of security protection and services.

Based on a wide range of customer cases with Telstra PBS's rich global backbone resources, Telstra PBS solution consultants - Sun Yanxin and He Xingxiong sharing that could set up SASE PoP for enterprises worldwide quickly (within one day at the earliest), bringing a new way of thinking for enterprise IT to address cloud network security and anytime, anywhere services.

From May to July this year, Telstra PBS will join hands with Fortinet to visit Hangzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo, Guangzhou, and Shanghai, and so on. Telstra PBS will bring a wealth of case experience and several senior solution experts to the site to have face-to-face communication with enterprise IT! We are waiting for you!

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