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The First Network Operator with Full Network Segment Routing , Bringing Better Network Experience to Enterprises

Low-latency service is an important component of building a fast, stable, and efficient network infrastructure for enterprises. As China's first neutral network operator to build a full network based on Segment Routing technology, Telstra PBS provides ultra-low-latency enterprise networking services.


Using low-latency services can bring you the following benefits:

Improved work efficiency:

Low-latency services reduce the data transmission delay time, making enterprise network connections more stable and faster. Employees can access Internet resources more quickly, and download and upload files more quickly, thereby improving productivity and work efficiency .

Promote real-time collaboration:

Low-latency services can ensure the smooth operation of real-time communication tools (such as video conferences, instant messaging, etc.), enabling team members to communicate, collaborate, and make decisions more quickly.

Provide better user experience:

If an enterprise is engaged in Internet-related service industries, low-latency services are crucial to providing high-quality user experiences. For example, in online gaming, video streaming, e-commerce, and other fields, low latency can ensure the smoothness and speed of users' access to information, enjoyment of media content, or completion of transactions. This helps attract more users and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Support cloud computing and big data applications:

As cloud computing and big data applications become popular in enterprises, low-latency services can ensure that enterprises can efficiently access and process data stored in the cloud, and achieve fast data analysis, decision-making, and innovation. At the same time, low latency also helps improve the stability and reliability of cloud services and reduce the risk of failures caused by network latency.

Telstra PBS uses full network delay detection and a super-intelligent computing engine to calculate the optimal path based on real-time data and automatically create the optimal latency channel between POP sites, ensuring unobstructed enterprise data business!

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