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Telstra PBS Becomes a Member of the Open GitOps Industry Alliance

Telstra PBS Becomes a Member of the Open GitOpsIndustry Alliance

After being audited andcertified by the Open GitOps Industry Alliance (OGA Alliance) Council, TelstraPBS officially became an alliance member.

Taking GitOps technologyapplication practice as the core, Open GitOps Industry Alliance (OGA Alliance)abides by the concept of “open source, openness, trustworthiness, independence,innovation, and mutual benefit”, and is committed to promoting theindustrialization development of open source and open GitOps technology. Interms of standard formulation, industry practice, innovative research anddevelopment, talent training, etc., it focuses on building a good ecosystemwith international technological competitiveness, continuous innovation andevolution of technology and practice, and independent controllable mutual-beneficialcooperation.

Previously, the 1.0 version ofthe ecological picture of open GitOps alliance was officially released. The picturecovers nine directions: development and operation and maintenance,architecture, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, management and decision-making,basic software, network security, technical media/community, and education andtraining. It provides a detailed review of the technologies involved in OGAalliance members as well as a global perspective. In terms of network security,Telstra carries out important and close project cooperation in the field ofinformation security.

The application ofcloud-native technologies will provide operators’ networks with more economicaland convenient deployment and operation methods, promote an intelligentarchitecture oriented to cloud-network integration, and provide a solid foundationfor information security during network transmission. Telstra’s joining in theOGA Alliance would benefit the open source ecosystem and further accelerate theimplementation of cloud-native in the communication industry.

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